We're Here!

November 14, 2020

One week ago right now we were frenzy last-minute-packing, saying goodbyes, giving hugs, crying, stressed and scared out of our minds in preparation for our three day trip around the globe.

Now we’re sitting on the couch in our new home. Our hearts are beating normally again. We have mostly recovered from jet lag. We have unpacked and put away; our house is clean; Nate is drinking a cup of coffee and our daughter is taking her regular afternoon nap.

Here are some pictures of our new home country -

Here it is! The beautiful Papua New Guinea. This picture was taken while we were on the very last leg of our journey - being flown to our new home by a small New Tribes airplane after getting picked up from the airport.

Nate was 9 when he knew he wanted to be a missionary; 19 when he knew he wanted to go to Papua New Guinea to get the gospel to an unreached people group, and now he’s 31 and finally here. This is a life move that’s been so long in the making.

During our 14-day mandatory quarantine here, we’re able to go out in the front and back yard. There are vibrant flowers and trees everywhere; constant, unique bird calls and towering mountains in the distance.

First family picture in Papua New Guinea

Erin’s ready to do some more exploring (we all are).

Thank you guys for the many prayers spoken on our behalf, and all our supporters for making this dream of a journey come true. We will send out another update when we're out of quarantine and can share what our next couple months will look like here.