“I am Eric Kaisoa.
I’m speaking for my people again.
I’m writing again for the 7th time
to ask if you will come to my village or not.
If you’re willing to come then please,
in the name of Jesus we want someone
to really come and learn our language.
We’re continuing to demand this.
The people are saying that you must come.
I’m saying this again.
I think you all didn’t get my first 6 letters.
If not, alright, now is my 7th letter
I’m writing again, it really must bear fruit.
The people are truly crying for
a missionary and for God’s talk.
Plenty of my letters asking for missionaries
have been wasted.

Now I’m asking you to return a letter
to me now. In the name of Jesus please
return a letter quickly.
I just want a missionary.
I’m just wasting my money on
these pens and paper, they don’t bear fruit.
This one must produce the fruit right.

Thank you. God bless you and me too.

By Eric Kaisoa”

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The Clonches
in Papua New Guinea


Our mission is to go to an unreached people group in Papua New Guinea to establish a mature church among an indigenous people who have never before heard about Jesus.

Unreached People Groups

There are 7,097 total languages spoken in the world today. Every language has its own culture, so each one of these languages represents a people group. About 2,000 languages are still unknown, and until they're translated, these unknown languages have no access to God's Word or the gospel. This is what it means for a people group to be unreached.

Papua New Guinea

With 841 languages, Papua New Guinea is the most language-dense country in the world. Even after 2,000 years since Christ commissioned the Church to make disciples of all the nations, over 200 languages in PNG alone have yet to be translated. This means that they still have no clue about God, His Word or the amazing gift of His Son, Jesus.

Nate and Laura + Erin

After marrying in 2013, we began attending Grace Bible Church in Winston-Salem, NC. God provided us both with full-time jobs in our career fields (web developer and English teacher). After 3 years, we moved to Missouri to attend a full-time 2 1/2 year training school for missions to unreached people groups. After finishing our training with New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos360), Grace Bible Church took us on as our sending church.

Despite what sounds like an intense missionary endeavor, we were just normal people who had normal lives. After the training and during our time of preparation for the field, we're still just normal people, and we'll still just be normal people ten years into it. We don't look forward to humid 100+ temps and the mosquitoes. We hate spiders and snakes just as much as the next person, but Christ gave a task to the church that still remains unfinished: The Great Commission to reach the ends of the earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ; we can all be a part of this, either by going ourselves or sending others to go to the uttermost. God so loved that he gave, and now it's his love that compels us to give.

Our Training

Before investing 2+ years to train for missions to unreached people groups, Laura and I were able to live on one salary income, while we saved the other. By this, God provided us with all the funds we would need so we could give the training our undivided attention.

We started our training in August 2016 and graduated in April 2018. We then elected a 6-month, intensive linguistics course to better prepare ourselves for the task we have ahead of us: to learn a language that has never been understood by the civilized world. This unknown/unreached language will hear of the gospel for the first time in the history of its people, when God allows us to present it to them.

Aside from linguistics, Laura and I have also been thoroughly equipped in the areas of: culture, worldview, tribal religion (animism), church planting and off-grid technology. We also received introductions and will later be given further training in: field health, literacy, bible translation and remote building and living. We were trained by former tribal missionaries, who taught us both technically and from their own experience.


Currently, we are raising support to leave for Papua New Guinea in January 2020. Having commissioned the whole Church to reach every nation (literally ethnos: ethnic group), every believer is called by Christ to give of themselves, whether their lives, their resources or their finances. By partnering with us, we are partnering in the gospel to see a mature church established among an unreached people group who still have yet to ever hear of Jesus Christ.

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