We need your help!

October 1, 2019

As of today, we are officially at 50% of our needed financial support to go to Papua New Guinea. This is a huge milestone! When we first started raising funds, we needed two types of donors: one-time supporters to help cover startup costs such as immunizations, passports, visas, plane tickets etc. to GET to Papua New Guinea and monthly supporters to STAY there. Thanks to many generous one-time contributors and monthly supporters who have started giving early, we have all the money we need for these initial costs, totaling over $10,000!! We are so excited that God has provided us with the money through you, our friends, to cover these expenses. Any one time donations from this point forward will help us build our future tribal house and install solar panels.

Our current need right now is more monthly supporters, and then we’ll be on our way!

In order to board a plane to Papua New Guinea this January, we have to reach 75% of our funds by December 1. That’s only two months away! The magic number we need to be at by December 1 is $5,535 per month, and we’re currently at $3,670. Our mission only takes new people in January and July, and we’re really pushing hard to meet the January date. If you’re reading this, would you consider being a monthly partner? No amount is too small to help. If you’re local and you’ve been putting off getting together to hear more about what we’ll be doing and potentially support us, now is the time! Call, text or email us and let’s put a date on the calendar.

I’m already a monthly supporter. What can I do to help?

Be our advocate! If each person currently supporting us was able to reach out to just ONE other person who would commit to supporting us monthly, we’d be 100% fully funded! Can you think of a family member or friend who might be interested in helping an entire people group hear the gospel for the first time ever? We’re asking each of you, please think about who in your circle you might be able to connect us with. Then help us schedule a time where we can all meet. Again, if each of our supporters can just provide us with one connection, we’ll have everything we need.

I’m not able to support you financially, but I want to help.

Here is a link to our pamphlet, which gives a brief overview of who we are and what our work will be. If you’d like a hard copy of this pamphlet to give to someone, let us know how many and we’ll get them to you. You can also direct people here to our website.

Here are some other BIG ways you can help:

  1. If you’re within a 3-4 hour radius of Winston Salem, NC, Open up your home to a small group of believers we could share with. Maybe you can think of multiple friends/relatives who might be interested in unreached missions in Papua New Guinea. If you’re able to get a small group to gather at your house, we would be super excited to be able to come over and share with them about our future plans with the unreached.
  2. Invite us to your small group or life group to talk about the unreached in Papua New Guinea.
  3. Ask if we can share in your Sunday School class one morning.
  4. Share our ministry with your pastor or missions pastor. Ask if we could get a brief meeting to discuss our plans.

Here's our our calendar.

Thank you to everyone who has given their gift of time to pray us to Papua New Guinea and everyone who has given us their hard earned money so we can take the gospel to a people group who is in complete darkness with no hope of knowing God. God doesn’t take your gifts lightly and neither do we. Thank you for laying your treasures up in heaven along with us.

We’ve got exactly two months to reach the 75% deadline. Help us make it happen!