We Made It!

August 10, 2016

Before we arrived here, there was only one thing Nate and I knew about Missouri: Missouri’s flat. Well, we should have paid better attention in geography class because central Missouri is in the middle of the Ozark Mountains; not a bad thing at all though - It is gorgeous and green and winding up here.

When we arrived last Sunday (August 7), we were met by a staff couple who took us to our apartment, helped unload our car and drove us to their home for dinner to get us up to date on what we needed to know and answer our questions and concerns.

Concerns like: “How in the world are we going to get out of here if it snows?”

Answer: “You won’t. The campus will be shut down.”

We spent the next couple days unpacking and settling in. This is the third apartment that we’ve had, and we actually like this apartment best, except for one thing. You’ll notice something missing if you look through these pictures.

Old student housing (which is where we are since we don’t have any kids) doesn’t have any shower units. So, we share a washhouse across the road with several other housing units. For now it’s not a big deal, but I’m sure that will change come cold winter mornings (I’m so glad Papua New Guinea is warm.).

Our host couple gave us a fairly extensive tour of the campus - showing us the chapel, where our classes will be, mailboxes, different buildings etc. and introducing us to members of the faculty and staff. One of the buildings we went inside was a tech building. We met some men there who explained that they built the solar power systems, water purifiers and fixed internet issues for the people currently serving on the mission field. It was really cool to see the building where all that takes place and meet the people who do that every day.

We’re looking forward to classes starting this Monday and will fill you guys in as soon as we get our feet wet :)

Nate and Laura