Last Update from America

July 29, 2020
  • February: 79% supported
  • March: 90% supported, then COVID
  • July: still COVID, 87% supported

When we started the year around 75%, we were confident that our progress would continue to rise a steady 5-10% every month. When we hit 90% and had four months to raise 10%, we sat back in relief and assumed our remaining time in the states would be a breeze.

And then COVID threw a wrench into everything: jobs, church meetings, and plans. Of course, God knew about this day from eternity ago. We have been trusting in His plan for us through this time, and we don’t limit His faithfulness to us hitting our support goal. His faithfulness is so much more than that - so much more than fleeting things like money and comfort.

Currently, it appears that God’s faithfulness to His plan for us means that we will be leaving the country on August 30th.

It feels like we kind of dropped off the grid for a little while because we didn’t really have an update to give, but now, our sudden update comes as quite a shock. So now we’re kicking it into high gear to make sure we have everything in order before we leave modern conveniences and attempt to embrace a simpler way of life - a much simpler way of life.

Although things could still change, We’re planning to leave in less than five weeks!

We plan to send another update in a few weeks with everything that’s happening in this stage, but one of the things that we need to address immediately is our support. Since we had to stop fundraising back in March, we’ve stayed 10% behind our goal. We want to make you aware of this need, and we want to ask you for two things:

  1. If you’re not supporting us monthly, would you please consider it now?
  2. Would you be willing to pass this update along to someone who might partner with us?

You all have been so generous to us that we are currently not in need of any one time donations. At this time, we are only in need of sustaining partners who can commit to giving monthly or annually.

We never wanted to ask for help like this over a newsletter. We would have much preferred face-to-face interactions and presentations in front of churches, but that’s just not going to happen in this pandemic. For us to reach 95%, which is now our goal, we are asking for

  • 1 person to commit to giving $100/month
  • 2 people to commit to giving $75/month
  • 3 people to commit to giving $50/month
  • 4 people to commit to giving $25/month
  • 5 people to commit to giving $10/month

In the time that we had, we were faithful to our ministry of raising partners for the gospel, so we are trusting God with the rest.

Nate and Laura