God Is Sovereign. God Is Faithful.

November 8, 2020

God, for His honor and our good, has invited us to serve Him by rejecting this home in pursuit of another one, where we’ll sing praises to His name with every people group. By His kindness, He has faithfully led us to His heart, where we have found the riches of His grace extending toward us with His right arm as He pulls us to a remote corner of the earth with His left arm. As we move away from home, may we draw ever closer to God and walk with Him: this is priority number one.

Pray for us: Father, help us to rest in your sovereignty and your faithfulness.

Today, everything has finally fallen into place for us to board a plane in Charlotte and arrive in Lapilo, Papua New Guinea. “This is the end of the beginning,” is how one of our pastors put it. This is the climax of a chapter in one of God’s books about His children, where we finally reach a goal set 14 years ago, and how He led us all the way to it. Only God knows what comes in the next chapter, but we can rest, knowing that He will lead us all the way, as He did before.

Our flight leaves from Charlotte at 8:30 PM. We will transit through airports in New York, Doha, Kuala Lumpur, and Port Moresby. The whole trip will take over 48 hours. We will be exhausted. We will be emotional. We are trusting that God will provide peace during this transition.

This is only just the beginning of the next chapter. We cannot finds words to describe how we feel, but one thing we can describe is how thankful and humbled and honored we are to be a part of the work of the gospel of Jesus Christ with all of you. Praise God.

We love you all.

Nate and Laura