Rooted in Love

April 24, 2019

What a blur the last few months have been. Just when we’ve thought we were getting settled, change after change has pushed our roots back and has not let us get too comfortable with life as we know it. For the normal person, this might sound frustrating, but our perspective on home has changed so much that we welcome the changes and recognize them as reminders that our time in America is short. Not the least of those changes is our sweetheart, Erin; but we’ve also moved across town; I started working a new part-time job; and we continue to discover the uphill struggles as well as the downhill breezes of raising support, but we haven’t figured it out. It's just another reminder that putting down roots has to be in God's love and not some American ideal of a home.

God has been so good to us, though. He continues to provide for us in the ways of wisdom, safety, ministry partners and both our physical and spiritual needs. God has used both our families to be there for us in huge ways as we’ve needed housing. Our families have always been our closest friends, and it’s such a blessing that we’ve been able to have so much time with them. God frequently makes His grace evident to us, and His provision comes so consistently that we often feel accustomed to it and neglect to thank Him; but praise God for His love and faithfulness, which we get to enjoy because of Christ.

As of right now, we believe we have raised about 30% of our monthly goal. One thing we lack are broader connections to local churches and individuals who might consider partnering with us. As our partnerships grow, we believe our network will grow. Raising support from individuals we already know will make up a significant portion of our income, but finding partners whom we don’t already know will be vital to the success of our ministry. This is where my attention is at right now: connecting with local churches that we don’t already have connections to.

We have a long road ahead of us, and we’re just getting started. Please choose to pray for us as often as we are on your minds.